Roleplaying Guide

Roleplaying creates a more immersive experience.  These are the general roleplaying mechanics, restrictions and mods applied while playing the characters in the journals.  Also included are playstyle tips for each of the character builds.  This guide will be continually updated.


Mechanics and Restrictions

  • difficulty set to Adept (modifying via mods)
  • HUD reduced to 20% opacity
  • display brightness reduced to 20%
  • carry weight (% of total): small character 10%, medium 20%, large 30%
  • must have free hand to use potion in combat
  • may only carry 40 arrows total
  • must have free hand to pick anything up
  • must not crouch/sneak for unreasonable lengths of time
  • must not harvest unreasonable items from animals (no gems from deer, etc)
  • must not activate overpowered/unrealistic perks
  • must always carry clothing (worn under armor)
  • may not swim while wearing armor
  • may not use in-game map unless currently at a discovered location
  • upon death reload previous save and then rest in a safe place for 3 days


General Mod List

  • Frostfall
  • Campfire
  • iNeed
  • iNeed Extended
  • Wet and Cold
  • Portable Craftable Safe Storage
  • Logging Skyrim
  • More Bandit Camps
  • iCrime Realistic Penalties
  • Bandolier: Bags and Pouches
  • Populated Lands Roads Paths
  • Super Simple Lock Bash
  • Belt Fastened Quivers
  • Realistic AI Detection
  • Smilodon – Combat of Skyrim
  • Smilodon – Realistic Damage Patch
  • Athletik Combat – Realistic Movement and Dodging
  • Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim
  • TLS Deadly Traps
  • Lighter Tools
  • Point the Way
  • The Notice Board
  • Enhanced Blood Textures
  • Immersive Leveling
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks Manager
  • M Rens Dark Nights
  • True Storms Special Edition
  • Verdant – A Skryim Grass Plugin
  • Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
  • Realistic Water 2
  • Realistic Water 2 – iNeed Patch
  • Alternate Start – Live Another Life
  • Cheat Room


The Draonborn Nord – Playstyle Tips
When you first start this character keep in mind that you’re not a trained warrior.  Your father owned a shop in a small village and you basically helped around the shop and supplemented with fishing.  Also keep in mind that your character just suffered a devastating loss at the hands of Imperial soldiers.  That means you should maintain a hatred for Imperials at all times.  You now view the Stormcloaks as saviors.  Your focus, aside from survival, will be to make contact with the Stormcloask and join them so that you can bring vengeance on the Imperials.  Eventually you will find yourself torn between exacting that vengeance and dealing with the dragon threat, and understanding what it means to be a true Dragonborn.


Vigilant of Stendarr – Playstyle Tips
You became jaded as a soldier, and joined the Vigilant to serve a greater purpose in life.  But your passion to serve Stendarr prompts your impatience to do more.  Just as when you were in the Imperial army, blind obedience was not your best strength.  You should play conservatively for the first several levels, just spending time doing menial tasks at the hall and learning restoration from Keeper Carcette.  But eventually you’ll want to roleplay yourself a bit farther out from there, either with the Keeper’s consent or not, it’s up to you.  At some point before level 10 you should leave the hall and head to Falskaar (mod) to set up a new Vigilant hall.  Again, this can be roleplayed as an order from the Keeper (perhaps to get you out of her hair) or on your own as sort of a renegade Vigilant.  Eventually you will return to find SPOILER (the hall has been burned down by vampires) and from there you will be on your own to either roleplay as a lone Vigilant or relocate to the Beacon of Stendarr and take control of the Vigilant faction.  Your goal could then either be to just roam Skyrim and rid the land of evil, or work towards setting up a new hall either in a city or in the wilderness (using either a homestead mod or Hearthfire).


The Beggar Thief – Playstyle Tips