• 22nd of Last Seed •

Author’s Note: This journal uses the character build – Vigilant of Stendarr.  Click the link for character background, as well as roleplaying and gameplaying specifics.

I find it difficult to write with such numb fingers.  It is much colder in The Pale than it was in Solitude.  Still, I’m grateful to have procured these pages to write upon.

Life as a Vigilant has proven to be monotonous, much like the life of a soldier.  I don’t regret the decision, but I long to be a more useful tool for Stendarr.  Surely in time Keeper Carcette will task me with more important things than gathering snow and cutting wood.

But those are my days for now.  I wake early, before the others, and execute my duty of morning patrol.  Then I return for breakfast, usually with a load of snow to melt down for water.  Afterwards I spend a few hours with the Keeper taking instruction on restoration magic.  The afternoon is dedicated to random tasks, such as fabricating cloaks or bedrolls, or cutting wood, or learning how to work steel into gauntlets or boots.  It’s different every day.

When sunset arrives, and with it the frigid temperatures, I head back out to conduct evening patrol.  If it weren’t for the cold I would actual enjoy patrol, but I’m always freezing by the time I return.  It takes hours for my fingers to stop hurting.

After evening patrol and dinner, I have a few hours left to study spell tomes.  I suppose I’ll be using some of that time to write now.  Maybe this will help me retain my sanity in the midst of such monotony.

Either way, it’s late and time for sleep.  Tomorrow I wake and do it all again.