– Loredas, 22nd of Last Seed, 4E 201 –

Never a dull day it seems in Skyrim. While venturing up the road north from Riverwood I came upon a pair of imperials with a prisoner. I was sternly warned to mind my own business, and I did. But I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t hesitate for a moment and consider caving their faces in with my mace and releasing their prisoner. My hatred for imperials is growing daily. But I could tell by their look that they would have the best of me in combat, especially with me outnumbered. Another day, cowards.

As I ventured on I left the road and eventually came across a shrine to Talos. Bless him. Although a massacre of sorts had taken place at the hands of a Thalmor, it was a blessing to me. The Thalmor was wearing some enchanted iron boots that protect one from frost. And there were a few other items for me to collect and sell back in Riverwood. I disrobed the foul Thalmor and tossed his body from the cliff, but I laid the fallen worshipers at Talos’ feet and took nothing from their bodies. May Talos continue to bless me.

Later in the day I was on my second venture north and came across an outfit of Thalmor in a very nasty mood and dressed to the chin in fine armor and weaponry. I made a bit of conversation to try and gain their intention but it quickly became clear I should let them be. I followed them for a bit from a distance to see if they would discover the shrine and the body of the Thalmor I had disgraced, but they did not. As they disappeared down the road I felt a bit of relief that I had chosen to sell the dead Thalmor’s gloves rather than wear them myself.

On my way back to Riverwood I was stopped by some imperial impostors. That’s right. Although they claimed to be imperial soldiers I could see several bodies in the bushes behind them. Something wasn’t right with that and they way they were acting, and when they demanded 100 gold on behalf of the emperor I knew they were just bandits. The bodies behind them were of obviously a few poor souls who chose not to pay up. I had passed on fighting 2 imperials early in the day and there was no way I was going to take on 3 impostor imperials at this point. I paid their ‘fee’, which left me with 1 gold piece to my name … but left me with my life as well.

After they left I examined the bodies and discovered that they hadn’t slain a trio of wayward travelers. They had slain a group of imperial soldiers and taken their armor and weapons as their own to create the ruse. It was quite clever, and if I can be honest, at that moment I felt no remorse for having paid them for their deed.