Vigilant of Stendarr

SUMMARY: Play as an ex-Imperial soldier who joins the Vigilant to find a better purpose in life.


RACE: imperial

PRIMARY SKILLS: one handed, restoration, alteration, heavy armor

SECONDARY SKILLS: smithing, alchemy

RESTRICTIONS: may only use restoration and alteration (no other magic or shouts), no lockpicking, no enchanting, no purchase/use of enchanted weapons or armor, must always wear amulet of stendarr, robes and hood, steel boots and gauntlets, must always use a steel mace

STARTING LOCATION: Hall of the Vigilant

STARTING INVENTORY: apprentice robes of restoration, apprentice hood, amulet of stendarr, nordic steel gauntlets, nordic steel boots, steel mace

LEVEL UP: apply to magicka/health/stamina as 3/1/1

SPECIFIC MODS: Falskaar, Vigilant of Stendarr Followers, Undeath Remastered, Lower Cost Wards

NOTES: Very aggressive towards all necromancers, vampires, daedra worshipers.  Moderately aggressive towards bandits and other evil NPC’s (will step in to help the innocent but won’t actively hunt them down).  Will avoid harming aggressive wildlife (wolves, bears, etc). Will not harm or steal from neutral or good NPC’s.  Will only loot necromancers, vampires and those involved with daedra.  Will not loot anything or anyone else otherwise (strict code of honor).  Has no desire to accumulate wealth or valuable objects, only to serve Stendarr.



PRIMARY GOALS: Complete Falskaar main quest and establish new Vigilant hall in Amber Creek.

SECONDARY GOALS: Rid Skyrim of necromancers, vampires and anyone involved with the daedra.  Kill the undead at every opportunity.



When Matthias joined the Imperial Legion, civil war in Skyrim was little more than fanciful rumor.  But it wasn’t long before he found himself aboard a ship sailing from Anvil to Solitude with the rest of his garrison.

His noble notions of the war were quickly crushed.  He was witness to all manner of brutality, from both sides, and rapidly became jaded toward the Imperial effort.

He was eventually discharged without merit for disobeying an officer’s direct orders.  Matthias had grown fond of healing wounded prisoners.  It was one of the few things that made him feel good about being in Skyrim.  But his commanding officer had little patience for his compassionate efforts, and Matthias had little patience left for his commanding officer.

After his discharge Matthias set out for the Hall of the Vigilant.  He had encountered Vigilants on several occasions, and had always admired their righteous passion.  Now he would pursue that same passion in his service to Stendarr.