The Dragonborn Nord

SUMMARY: Play a simple nord refugee seeking vengeance against the imperials. You start from nothing but rise to be the hero of Skyrim.


RACE: nord
PRIMARY SKILLS: one handed, block, heavy armor
RESTRICTIONS: no magic (except power and shouts), no lockpicking, no enchanting, no smithing
STARTING INVENTORY: Proceed through the caves after the Helgen execution cutscene, but pick up nothing.  What you leave the caves with is what you start with (essentially prison rags and foot wraps).
LEVEL UP: apply to magicka/health/stamina as 0/2/1
NOTES: Aggressive towards imperials, especially soldiers. Will not harm or steal from neutral or good NPC’s.  Will not loot noridc tombs (urns, draugr corpses, etc).


PRIMARY GOALS: Complete the Main Quest and the Civil War quest while aligned with the Stormcloaks.
SECONDARY GOALS: Attack or evade Imperial patrols and forts.


The Imperial soldiers showed up in Helgen while Hrisskar was fishing in the valley. When he saw the thick black smoke rising into the sky he ran back as quickly as he could.

By the time he arrived the soldiers were gone. The village was a smoldering ruin and everyone was dead, except for one man.  The soldiers had spared him, and instructed him to spread the word of what happens to Stormcloak sympathizers.

The survivor spoke of how Hrisskar’s father, a shopkeeper in Helgen, was one of the first to be cut down by Imperial swords.  His father had pleaded for mercy, but was accused of selling goods to the Stormcloaks and promptly dispatched.

Hrisskar had just recently moved to Helgen with his father from Morrowind, after his mother’s death at the hands of a bandit near Gnisis.  Now he was alone in a land he didn’t know, and his grief was gradually being displaced by a desire for revenge.

The two men traveled to the nearby village of Riverwood, where Hrisskar took to hunting and gathering in the nearby mountains.  He sold what he could to make ends meet, but it was barely enough for a bed under his back.  At night he would lay in that bed and dream of the day when could avenge his father’s death … by killing every Imperial in Skyrim.