• 13th of Frostfall •

Author’s Note: This journal uses the character build – Vigilant of Stendarr.  Click the link for character background, as well as roleplaying and gameplaying specifics.

The three of us left for Nightgate Inn this morning.  The plan was to overnight at the inn, and then continue on to either Dawnstar or Morthal the next day.  Depending on the weather conditions, of course.

As expected, the journey to Nightgate Inn took only a few hours.  So we warmed up inside for a bit, then headed back out and up a mountain trail to a place called Ironbind Barrow.  I had seen a posted notice regarding issues with the undead here, so it seemed a fitting use of our time to investigate.

A pair of adventurers were camped just outside the barrow.  Salma, a reguard, and Beem-Ja, an argonian, were there for ancient valuables and were not entirely excited to see us.  While kind enough to let us warm up at their fire, they insisted that we leave the treasure inside to them.  I assured them that, as servants of Stendarr, we had no interest in treasure.  Still, the reguard was skeptical, so the two treasure seekers went in ahead of us.

I had no qualms with this, as the argonian proved himself to be quite adept.  Nothing, it seemed, could withstand his deadly lightning magic.  I encouraged Emma and Rayya to hang back and let him clear the way, and this likely saved my life.

After clearing the main chamber of skeletons and a powerful ancient warlord, the argonian announced he would need to spill my blood in order to absorb the warlord’s powers.  He was a necromancer!

Having seen the ease with which he dispatched everything in our path, I knew I was in dire circumstances.  Emma and Rayya were directly behind Beem-Ja, unbeknownst to him.  So I quickly sidestepped and dropped off a ledge to the main floor in the room, effectively cutting off any angle for his spellcasting.

On cue, and without a word said, I heard a pair of maces strike flesh, followed by the unmistakeable cry of Beem-ja’s life leaving his body.  Salma hadn’t known of the argonian’s plan, and took no issue with his death.

I’m so proud of Emma and Rayya, and thankful as well.  I believe the True Order of Stendarr has been born.

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