• 12th of Frostfall •

Author’s Note: This journal uses the character build – Vigilant of Stendarr.  Click the link for character background, as well as roleplaying and gameplaying specifics.

Emma is safe.  I’m so relieved.  She welcomed me with open arms and I could tell she felt the same.  I haven’t been embraced so tightly in a long time.  I didn’t want to let her go.

It turns out she and Rayya already knew each other.  They grew up in the same village.  I forget the name, but they mentioned it was near Falkreath.  I expect we’ll be stopping in Falkreath soon, on our way to Markarth.  Locating the shrine to Peryite is still our mission.

The Hall may have been destroyed, but our commitment to Stendarr is alive and well.

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