The Headtaker

SUMMARY: Play as a sociopathic altmer who becomes Skyrim’s most notorious serial killer.


RACE: altmer

PRIMARY SKILLS: illusion (select spells; only calm-type and muffle), enchanting, alchemy, lockpicking

SECONDARY SKILLS: speechcraft, one-handed

RESTRICTIONS: may not use other magic/shouts (except initially while at the college), may not wear armor of any kind, avoids direct combat, may not use sneak at all

STARTING LOCATION: College of Winterhold

STARTING INVENTORY: staff of magelight, college boots, college robes, mage hood, 5 potions of magicka, 5 green apples, empty waterskin

LEVEL UP: apply to magicka/health/stamina as 3/1/1 (4/0/1 after level 20)

SPECIFIC MODS: Believable Crime Report Radius, HUNT NPC Skulls, Portable Alchemy

NOTES: You are a cunning individual, who prefers to manipulate and deceive others.  You avoid confrontation at all costs.  You will want to partially complete the College questline to upgrade your skills and play out the backstory, but then the call of Namira will eventually draw you to her quest in Markarth.  From that point on your sole focus will be to blend in wherever you are, and kill those you feel are beneath you.  You will take pleasure in their pain and satisfaction in their slow deaths.  Calm them with a spell, then cut them with a blade poisoned with paralysis.  Poison them with damage health, then calm them and paralyze them again  Toy with them.  Slowly steal their life away, as quickly or slowly as you wish.  You will have a dagger with a soul trap enchantment, allowing you to harvest your victim’s soul.  After removing their head, you can then clean the skull and enchant it with the victim’s soul.  Collect as many skulls as you like, and display them within your home(s).


PRIMARY GOALS: Partially complete the College of Winterhold questline and complete The Taste of Death quest.

SECONDARY GOALS: Purchase a home or multiple homes.  Murder and eat innocent citizens and collect their skulls.


A troubled child, Vanus Sarulas grew up poor in midst of grand opulence in the Imperial City.  His parents were servants to a wealthy altmer alchemist, who treated them quite cruelly.  Their acceptance of this cruelty disgusted Vanus, as did their lack of wealth and status.  At a fairly young age he used one of the alchemist’s poisons to kill both of his parents.  He spent the rest of his childhood neglected in an orphanage.

Now of age, Vanus has left Cyrodiil and joined the College of Winterhold.  He wishes to escape his past by building a life of wealth and power.  Little does he know, the Daedric Prince Namira has other plans for him.

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