• 10th of Frostfall •

Author’s Note: This journal uses the character build – Vigilant of Stendarr.  Click the link for character background, as well as roleplaying and gameplaying specifics.

If I never set foot in that swamp again it will be too soon.  Every step I took was placed with caution, and progress was painfully slow.  An oppressive fog obscured the dangers that surrounded me, and my mind began to manifest them … spiders, trolls, an icy grave under thin ice.

For an entire day I trudged through this endless hell.  I never saw a spider or a troll, nor did I fall through the ice and into a watery grave.  Still, the ever present danger was exhausting.

But by Stendarr’s salvation the rooftops of Morthal appeared in the distance.  I was dying of thirst, and the swamp water was putrid and likely undrinkable.  Thankfully Astrid hadn’t robbed me, and with a bit of gold I was finally able to wet my parched lips.

A local guard, curious about my presence in town, was shocked to learn I had killed the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.  I was too.  I had no idea this Astrid was their leader.

He instructed me to head to Dragonbridge and report this information, but I’m torn.  Dragonbridge is much closer than Windhelm, but Emma is in Windhelm.  For all she knows I abandoned her after the incident with Grelod.  I must return and find her first.

But that won’t be happening today.  After a night’s rest at the local inn to recover my strength, I awoke to a downpour this morning.  It’s been raining all day and now it’s too late to leave even if the clouds clear.  If it’s still raining tomorrow I will leave regardless.

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