Roleplaying a character in Skyrim is an incredibly immersive experience.  The Elder Scholar journals tell the stories of characters just as they were played within the game.

This resource provides character journals, character builds and a roleplaying guide.

Character journals are the actual stories of played characters.  Some of these may be finished, while others you can follow along as they progress.  For a character’s backstory and other details, consult the character guide referenced by their journal.

Character builds are the specific builds used for these characters.  Here you will find detailed information on the character (such as race, skills, inventory, restrictions, specific mods used, etc).  You will find the character’s backstory here as well.

The roleplaying guide provides more generic information on how the characters were played to maintain immersion and realism.  Also included here are additional notes and tips for roleplaying each of the characters.

Please enjoy and feel free to leave comments.